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Helicopter Flight Controls

Helicopter Flight Controls

Introduction to Helicopter Flight Controls, demonstrated in a Robinson R22 Helicopter, covering collective, cyclic, and anti-torque pedals. Produced by Helic...

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More Robinson R22 Helicopter videos

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Robinson R22 Helicopter 12 Maneuvers done smoothly

Hovering, Laterals, Backwards, Pedal Turns, Pirouettes, Running Takeoff, Running Landing, Hovering Auto, Straight In Auto., Max. Perf. T/O., Quick Stop and more.

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Jonathan Curto's first solo in the Robinson R22 Helicopter at Auburn airport WA 7/28/12

Jonathan's first and second solo flights at S50 Auburn Airport WA.

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Assembling the R-22 Helicopter

A look at how a Robinson R22 helicopter is put together after being shipped from the factory.

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Robinson R22 Helicopter flight training intro demo flight (including radio communications audio)

Had a demo flight today in a Robinson R22 beta II helicopter with a school out of Van Nuys airport (Los Angeles, CA)- the first of many training flights on t...

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R22 Aerobatics

It is absolutely amazing what these people can do with a Robinson R22 helicopter!

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Robinson R22 helicopter flight training (part1)

Robinson R22 helicopter flight training (part1)

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First Helicopter Training Flight - Robinson R22

Helicopter Training Flight @ Dekalb-Peachtree airport, Atlanta. I wish I could have recorded the Control tower audio, but that would have been next to imposs...

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Robinson R22 Cross Country with Radio Calls

Robinson R22 Helicopter Flight Cross Country with Radio call and GPS lesson.

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Flight 25, Helicopter Training PPL(H), 24.5 hrs logged, FIRST SOLO, R22

First Solo! Good day. Very different experience, both mentally, but also physically controlling the helicopter with only one person onboard. Also using two c...

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SFAR 73 Awareness Training for Robinson R22 and R44 Helicopters (Updated Version)

Robinson R22 and R44 Helicopter SFAR 73 Awareness Training. Required ground training before a pilot can manipulate the flight controls of an R22 or R44 Helic...

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Robinson Helicopter R22, random flying

Robinson Helicopter R22, random flying and helicopter training for http://www.helicopterZ.co.uk.

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Flight 7, Helicopter Training PPL, 5.1 Hrs to date, Robinson R22

Flight 7. Very windy today. First day to work all 3 controls for the whole flight. Lots of pickups and set downs, hovering, and pedal work. Again, challengin...

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Don't crash your helicopter! Autorotation in a Robinson R22

Clip from a helicopter instructional video - AUTOROTATION - How to land a helicopter in the event of a power failure. Excellent video, very useful and inform...

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Greatest Ever: Helicopters - Robinson R22

Helicopter with the number 2 spot on the Discovery show Greatest Ever: Helicopters.

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Landing on an Extremely Small Dock in a Robinson R22

Cool approach to a very small dock in a Robinson R22 For more cool pictures and videos make sure to visit https://www.Facebook.com/AwesomeandUnusualAircraft.

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Bad Landing That Nearly Goes Wrong! Robinson R22 Helicopter

That was too close for comfort!

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R22 Helicopter Add-On Full Lesson #15 1080HD + Cockpit Audio, Backyard Landing!/Autos

In this lesson: NEW: Different Helicopter (Autos much differently), True Confined Area (Front Yard) Landings!! CONTINUING: Straight-In Autos, Hover Autos If ...

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Trip to Northern Viginia in a Robinson R22 Helicopter

Interested in Helicopters? Join Heli Network community of helicopter enthusiasts. Participate in helicopter related questions to learn be become a better pil...

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Robinson R22 Autorotation with Instruction

Really Great step by Step Autorotation Guide.

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Venison Recovery / Helicopter Hunting / R22

Venison Recovery in the Central North Island of New Zealand.

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Robinson R-22 start up procedures...

My instructor going through the start up procedures/checklist, lightening fast. She's GOOD!

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Helicopter lesson : Robinson R22 Start-up

Helicopter pilot, Gabe Henrie, walks through the R22 helicopter start-up process with student, Jen Gomes.

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How not 2 fly a R22

How not to fly a Robinson 22 helicopter. A high hour student pilot just cant seem to get the hang of the controls. Think the Instructor must have big cahona'...

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Robinson R-22 Helicopter

Robinson R-22 Helicopter by Flight Service Slovak republic.

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GoPro Flying a Robinson R22 - Helicopter Flying & Hover Lesson

My first flight in a Robinson R22 Beta II. This video is of a basic, one hour helicopter flying lesson. It is the first class in piloting a rotor wing aircra...

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Vol en hélicoptère Robinson R22 depuis Baisy-Thy vers Temploux et retour

Vol sur Temploux en R22 pour faire le plein de l'hélicoptère.

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Tim Tucker about Robinson R44 / R22 Helicopter Performance Pad by Gyronimo

The Robinson R66/R44/R22 Performance Pads calculate Weight and Balance and Performance (OGE/IGE) and also Maximum Continuous Power, Vne etc. Tim Tucker, Robi...

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